• Frank

Competition Gears!!

Frank!! Help me...Where can I find the competition gear, the same you are using? Or what do you recommend?

Competition gears are everywhere and there are so many companies that are making it, how do I choose the right one? Don't worry, we are here to help. The same thing with all the aftermarket parts, we will help you to get those here and find the best for competition.

When I start shooting competition back in 2017, I did not know what to choose. I just wear my normal gun belt, some cheap mag pouch, and stock holster that Canik provides. I mean, nothing wrong with those and I am glad Canik came with a holster. There is no company making Kydex holster for Canik at that time, so why not. Fast forward to 2020. There are more and more companies making Canik products and more and more people are using it for competition, tactical training, and more...

So... What to choose? I am working with some companies and getting their products in. I know the companies and I use their products. I want to help you to get the best that you can use it in the competition and proud of the gear that you will be using. We will be posting more products and I need your help. If you are interested, message me, email me, whatever you choose. Tell me that you are interested and I will give you more info. Oh, by the way, make sure to subscribe to the email list so you will be notified when the new products arrived, or even promotion... Stay Tuned and We will talk about more.


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