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Taylor Freelance TP9 Series Weight Kit

Let's talk about the weight kit from Taylor Freelance and why you need it.

Weight is a problem with all polymer guns. It does affect the muzzle flip and will cause accuracy in the competition sports because speed and accuracy is the game. Some of the gun manufacturers notice the problem and came out with some own solutions. For Example, some companies came out with the steel version, or they came out with a heavier polymer frame with tungsten powder in it. Some came out with a heavy kit. Adding more weights on the gun is to make it more counterbalance, shooters can shoot smoother and better control on the gun.

Taylor Freelance designed the kit for Canik TP9 Series. All the products in the kit are made by brass block and CNC machined to its shape. It comes with a magwell, 3 basepads. The basepad can give you an additional 4 rounds for your magazine. It also comes with a backstrap that uses standard backstrap (not the large one) as the model. The kit comes with original brass color and Cerkote Tungsten color.

Why Brass Color?

The reason we carry only Tungsten color and Brass is to give you the freedom to customize to your own design and color. Some may like Brass color, some may not. Well... you can get one and find a local gun store which might offer custom Cerkote parts.

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